Tasmania Part One – MONA

I’ve been yearning to visit Tasmania forever, and having lived in Melbourne for 18 years now, it’s ridiculous that I haven’t been before. I’ve heard so much about the fantastic food, the pristine countryside and rugged coastline, the culture, and MONA. My kind of place. We finally made our first trip over the Easter holidays, … Continue reading Tasmania Part One – MONA

Tom-ay-to, Tom-ar-to.

Well summer is officially over, and I haven’t reported much from the garden this year. To be honest, after my horrible end to last year I let it all go a bit to sh*t. I had big plans at the start of spring, but as everyone knows, life rarely goes according to plan, and I’ll just have … Continue reading Tom-ay-to, Tom-ar-to.

Who do you see?

As this girl walked through the city centre last Friday evening, people moved out of her way, their subtle glances and slightly negative body language reacting to her presence in a way just perceptibly different than she had experienced before. This girl is my fifteen year old daughter, who just a few hours prior to … Continue reading Who do you see?