Time to Say Goodbye . . . .

It seems that what we had most of in the garden for the last few weeks was beans. We had crisp green ‘Bonapartes’, tender yellow ‘Sex without Strings’, magnificent climbing ‘Purple King’, and ‘Crimson Flowered Broad beans’. Beans are the gift that keeps giving. We’ve feasted for weeks now, and they just kept coming. I’ve … Continue reading Time to Say Goodbye . . . .

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May 2014 bring us all health, happiness and a good perspective on life. Our usual way of celebrating New Year’s Eve is to bunker down by ourselves at home and watch woeful movies on TV. On a few occasions over the years we have been doing a bit of DIY and painted … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Boxing Day

I love Boxing Day. I love the wonderful feeling when you wake up, and realise that the Christmas chaos is a whole year away, that you can have a serious lie-in , wear your pyjamas all day, watch the Boxing Day Test on TV, and my absolute favourite . . . . eat left-overs. I have … Continue reading Boxing Day

Merry Christmas!

Today I received the most touching and beautiful Christmas card from Mr.B. Every year he forgets to buy one, panics, and on Christmas Eve commissions Miss S to make one. This year was no different, and now that the girls are older and more business savvy, he had to pay hard cash to get one. … Continue reading Merry Christmas!