Fashion: The Op-Shop Edit

I’ve always loved Op-shopping for all sorts of things, and currently it’s props for food photography, but second-hand clothes have been a passion since I was a teenager, and that’s quite a long time ago now. I think it’s partly the rush when your eye alights on that attention grabbing colour, texture or whatever, and your … Continue reading Fashion: The Op-Shop Edit

Taking Stock.

It’s been a tumultuous couple of months, both in my own everyday life and in broader, world terms. I’ve been low and then high and then low again. Anxiety and sadness came to stay for a while, and I learned a new way of coping with them until a new project brought positivity back and … Continue reading Taking Stock.

Cooking the Books – Moroccan Soup Bar: Recipes of a Spoken Menu by Hana Assafiri

For more than a decade I’ve been dreaming of the Chickpea Bake from Melbourne’s humble restaurant treasure, Moroccan Soup Bar. If you are in Melbourne, go there for the earthy, inclusive and unpretentious experience, packed with happy diners and chatter, and taste, first hand, the unforgettable flavours and intoxicating aromas. This modest establishment has been my favourite Melbourne … Continue reading Cooking the Books – Moroccan Soup Bar: Recipes of a Spoken Menu by Hana Assafiri

Cooking the Books.

I have absolutely loads of cook books, many, I’m embarrassed to admit, I have never used.  I am so easily seduced by the mood in the book shop, drool-worthy images, mouth-watering descriptions and the tactile feel of quality paper stock. I’m carried away by the lifestyle images and not really thinking about weeknight rushed cooking in my cramped … Continue reading Cooking the Books.